Research & Innovation

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CSIO’s Applied Sport Sciences Research and Innovation Program is dedicated to conducting excellent inter-disciplinary research that will have a direct impact on the performance and development of athletes, and build a greater understanding of the determinants important for achieving success in high performance sport.

A key component of our Research and Innovation Program’s activity is the development of partnerships that provide the CSIO with increased capacity, access to inter-disciplinary expertise and other research resources. CSIO collaborates with individual investigators, universities/colleges, businesses, sport organizations and other government agencies.

Our team of experts’ research topics cover a wide variety of disciplines related to sport performance and target questions associated with biomechanics, nutrition, psychology, physiology, technology, talent identification, sport medicine, physical therapy, strength and conditioning, and performance analysis. We seek to address key questions related to the preparation, development, and performance of athletes with potential for podium performances.

Recent Research Projects:

  • The Effect Of Dehydration On Muscle Metabolism And Time Trial Performance During Prolonged Cycling In Males (Heather M. Logan-Sprenger, et al.) as published in Physiological Reports – August 2015

For questions on CSIO’s Research & Innovation Program, please contact:

Heather Sprenger, PhD
Lead, Physiology and Research & Innovation