Ask Team Canada: Tyler Miller (WBC)

mardi, 5 novembre, 2013


How do you think the National Academy will help your development and that of the National Team program?

Answered by Tyler Miller, National Academy athlete and player for the Senior Men’s National Team

“My decision to attend the National Academy was really a no-brainer in many ways. I think the biggest factor for me was having access to world-class coaching at the Academy in the form of Mike Frogley. Having the ability to ask questions and take instruction from Frog on a daily basis definitely gives Academy athletes an edge over anyone in the world training-wise.

Our time at the Academy is spent focusing on fundamentals, such as dribbling, passing and shooting, and the little things like end games and communication, all of which works toward building a truly complete athlete. Now with all the hard work being put in, having access to a great support team is essential. We are provided with an athletic therapist, sports psychologist, nutritionist and personal trainer while at the Academy. This program provides each Academy athlete with a National Team calibre training environment each day.

The Academy will have a very positive and dramatic effect on my game. I believe it will make me a smarter player on and off the court. We spend time working on end game situations and thinking our way through the game, which is often an overlooked skill. Along with that comes learning patience and how to make quick, educated decisions. Lastly, spending so much time working on skill development is sure to bring up the skill level of any Academy athlete, myself included.

I hope and believe that the Academy will produce so much talent that Canada could potentially field several National Teams at any time. Developing five or more National Team quality players at every position boosts the talent level across the country and in the Canadian Wheelchair Basketball League (CWBL). As a result of the increased depth and skill, Canadian players will no longer want or need to leave Canada to play wheelchair basketball at a high level.”

- Tyler Miller, player for the Senior Men’s National Team


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