Will George, MSc

Job Title: 
Sport Biomechanist
Biomechanics & Performance Analysis

BSc. Sports Engineering, Sheffield Hallam University

MSc. Sports Sciences (Human Performance), Brunel University


Will George is a Sport Biomechanist for the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario. Originally from Great Britain, Will completed his BSc. (2005) in Sports Engineering at Sheffield Hallam University and his MSc. (2010) in Sports Sciences (Human Performance) at Brunel University. Will’s studies initially specialized in the biomechanics of rowing which led him to publish through the International Society for Biomechanics in Sports on concurrent versus delayed feedback in rowing biomechanics. He has widened his interests into other boat sports and been accepted to present at the European College of Sports Sciences on the acceleration profiles of elite versus sub-elite canoeists.

Before moving to the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario in 2010, Will worked for the English Institute of Sport for 5 years. As a sports science technician, he was heavily involved in data collection for the Biomechanics and Physiology departments of the Great Britain Rowing Team. He also used technology to help rehabilitate injured athletes from the field hockey, kayaking and cycling teams.

Will has had the opportunity to work with multiple Olympic and Paralympic team training squads and world-class coaches in various sports in preparation for their major competitions. Currently, Will provides biomechanics support for the Canadian rowing programmes, as well as Ontario-based canoe and kayak developmental programs. In preparation for Rio 2016, Will aims to use his technical understanding of biomechanics and technology to continue enhancing the performances of Canada’s rowing, canoe and kayak teams.

Research Interests: 
  • Biomechanical Characteristics of Boat Sports
  • How Elite Athletes Differ From Developmental Athletes