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Athlete Services Questions? Contact Danielle Gelineau, Manager, Athlete Services at 647.725.9928 or


All Sport Canada AAP carded athletes are eligible to receive individual services from CSIO. The services available to each athlete is dependent on their sport and carding level.

Some of the services available to carded athletes include:

  • Access to Open Training Hours in our World-Class Facilities
  • Nutrition Consultations
  • Sport Medicine and Therapy Appointments
  • Life Services Support
  • And so much more!

The services we offer carded athletes are in addition to those services we provided targeted athletes through our Integrated Support Team Services and OHPSI Programs.

Note: At this time, Quest for Gold and provincially carded individual athletes are not eligible to receive services from CSIO.


In order to be eligible to receive access to CSIO and the services we offer, athletes will first need to be registered. To register, please fill out our Athlete Intake Form.

Note: Please save the fillable PDF form to your computer before completing it, and again once it is complete, in order to ensure that the information is saved correctly for submission to CSIO.

Please return your completed Athlete Intake Form to the Manager, Athlete Services at

Once the form has been received and eligibility has been verified, the athlete will be contacted for an Intake Interview via phone, Skype or in-person. During the interview all services the athlete is eligible for will be reviewed and the athlete may choose which they would like to access.


Canadian Athlete Insurance Program (CAIP)

All interested Sport Canada carded athletes are eligible for a bronze level CAIP package. CAIP is not a full supplemental medical insurance plan – but a sporting injury insurance plan. It covers both sport related injuries and overuse. This includes traveling to and from a competition or practice. Usually an accident has to have occurred in order to be covered; the main exception to this is an overuse injury (not due to a specific accident). The plan also provides additional out-of-country coverage.

In many instances PSOs or NSOs may have already purchased CAIP on behalf of their athletes. We recommend contacting yours immediately to inquire about your coverage. See Appendix A of the Athlete Services Guide for a breakdown of possible coverage. To review a complete explanation of the coverage, please visit our insurance provider, Armstrong McCready’s website.

To have a package purchased for you please contact:

Danielle Gelineau
Manager, Athlete Services
Tel: 647.725.9928
Fax: 416.282.1471

*Please note: Prior to contacting the CSIO to enroll in CAIP, please consult your National Sport Organization and your Provincial Sport Organization to ensure that they have not already purchased coverage on your behalf.

General Facility Access Pass

A facility access pass will be purchased for athletes from a list of contracted providers. As a substitute, if an athlete has a preferred facility we will pay up to $100 plus tax towards a facility of an athlete’s choosing.

CSIO Open Training Hours

Any carded athletes who reside in the GTA will have access to dedicated Open Training times at CSIO locations at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre and Mattamy National Cycling Centre. This will allow athletes access to world-class accessible strength & conditioning equipment.

For more details on CSIO’s facilities, please visit the Our Facilities section.

Elevate Me ®


PROsnack Natural Foods has offered Canadian Sport Institute Ontario registered athletes a 20% discount on their ELEVATE ME!® bars, which can be ordered now directly from their website using the passcode.

Sport Nutrition Support

The CSIO has recently contracted a sport nutritionist to provide approximately four hours per week of nutrition support to any of our registered carded athletes. The cost of the support will be paid by CSIO.

In addition, weekly cooking workshops will be offered starting in November and will be open to all on a first come, first serve basis. For those athletes who do not reside in the GTA, Skype sessions are available.

Athletes may apply for these services by contacting:

Danielle Gelineau
Manager, Athlete Services
Tel: 647.725.9928

Sport Medicine Services at TPASC

Physician, Physiotherapy, Athletic Therapy and Massage Therapy are now available at TPASC by appointment. CSIO will bill direct to the athletes CAIP insurance or OHIP coverage to avoid the athlete having to pay out of pocket.

  • How to Access Physician Services at CSIO
    Please contact our Medical Coordinator at to book an appointment with one of our Sport Physicians.  We are currently booking on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

  • How to Access Therapy Services at CSIO
    Please contact Kylie Gibson, Lead Physiotherapist at  if you are in need of any therapy services.  We currently offer athletic therapy, physiotherapy and massage therapy for any registered CSIO athlete who is currently covered by the Canadian Athlete Insurance Plan (CAIP). Availability varies for each service.

Game Plan

Game Plan is a Canada-wide career transition program that provides support to Canadian athletes in life and sport. Game Plan empowers high performance athletes to pursue excellence by helping them to plan for their career and life after competitive sport.

Visit our Game Plan program page for more information.

Rosetta Stone

Athletes and coaches who are registered with CSIO have the opportunity to learn a new language with Rosetta Stone® Enterprise Version 3. This self-paced, interactive language learning program is completely adaptable to busy training and competition schedules. The program is available both online and through the Rosetta Stone app (iOS/Android).

To enroll in the program, athletes are required to issue a personal cheque, payable to Canadian Sport Institute Ontario for $100 as a deposit (no cashier’s cheques, credit cards or cash, please). These cheques are held in trust, and only cashed if one does not use the program within 3 months of activation. Upon receipt of the deposit, athletes are eligible to be registered in the program for the language of their choosing, and may begin using the software at their leisure.

CSIO also has complimentary USB headsets available that are compatible with the Rosetta Stone software, if desired.

Note: The number of Rosetta Stone licences available for athlete use at any given time is limited. In cases where the maximum number of licences have been reached, athletes may be put on a wait list, and/or older and inactive accounts may be reallocated. CSIO will communicate with affected parties in these situations as required.

For more information, or to begin the process of signing up for the Rosetta Stone Program, please contact:

Rolf Wagschal
Game Plan Advisor
Tel: 647.725.9927


Visit our Athlete Resources section for key contacts, tools and articles to assist you!