Kurt Bergin-Taylor

Job Title: 
Sport Physiologist
Sport Physiology

PhD titled “Novel interventions to augment adaptation in cyclists” – Loughborough University (undergoing)

MSc. Sport and Exercise Nutrition with Distinction, Loughborough University

BSc. Human Biology with 1st class honours, Sheffield Hallam University


Kurt is a performance scientist with expertise in exercise physiology, nutrition, and aerodynamics who is passionate about optimizing performance through research and applied practice. Kurt has worked with World Champions, Commonwealth Champions, and international level athletes over a range of sports. Notable experiences include team KGF (UCI trade team – UCI world cup winners), Charlie Tanfield (World cup winner IP, Commonwealth champion IP, World Champion team pursuit 2018 – GB), and Dillian Whyte (#1 ranked WBC, IBF world heavyweight boxer). Prior to joining CSIO, Kurt worked as head of nutrition support at Loughborough University, where he guided a team of practitioners who supported over 500 athletes in 14 different sports.

Kurt holds a first-class academic record, including an MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition where he was awarded the GlaxoSmithKline award for achieving the highest grade in his cohort. He is currently finishing his PhD at Loughborough University investigating novel strategies to augment the adaptive process to training in cyclists.