Ed McNeely, MSc, CSCS

Job Title: 
Lead, Strength & Conditioning
Strength & Conditioning

MExPhys, University of Ottawa


Ed McNeely received his Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Ottawa in 1994 and has been involved in the strength and conditioning industry for 25 years. He has been a consultant to seventeen Canadian national and professional sports teams and is currently Rowing Canada’s strength and conditioning coach at their London Training Centre. Ed is the author of five books: Power Plyometrics, The Resistance Band Workout Book, One Hundred Strength Exercises, Training for Rowing, and Skillful Rowing. He has published over 100 articles on training and athlete conditioning covering topics such as strength training, plyometrics, making weight, assessing fitness, speed and power development, planning and periodization, and aerobic fitness. He is a frequent resource for other writers, acting as an expert for articles in Muscle & Fitness, Outside Magazine, the Georgia Tech Sports Medicine Newsletter, the Rowing News, the Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen and the Discovery Channel.

Ed is a frequent speaker at both national and international sport and fitness conferences, having done over 75 presentations in the past 10 years at conferences- such as the NSCA National Convention, the AAHPERD National Convention, the Society of Weight Training Injury Specialists Conference, ECA Sport and Fitness Conference, Coaching Association of Canada Conferences, Rowing Canada Conferences, Ontario Minor Hockey Association Clinics, Joy of Sculling Conferences, and Olympic Solidarity Conferences

Professional Affiliations: 
  • Member NSCA
  • Member ACSM
  • Member ISAK
  • NSCA Performance Training Journal Editorial Board
  • Sport Journal Contributing Editor
  • NSCA Strength and Conditioning Journal Reviewer
  • National Faculty United States Sports Academy
Research Interests: 
  • Strength, Speed, Power
  • Monitoring Training Load
  • Sport Specific Isometric Assessment